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FireDance Media Consulting Services

Demystify Your

Transition to

Zero Carbon

Set Power

Understand Your Energy Needs

Eliminate Fossil Fuel Generators

Reduce Production Emissions

Need a Carbon-Free

Power Plan?

We help productions accurately project their energy needs, so that they can plan zero-emissions shooting days with no fear of running out of battery power.

Change Your Way of

Thinking About Energy

Our industry has evolved with virtually unlimited access to cheap and abundant energy. As a result, our equipment and conventional work practices often consume huge quantities of fossil fuels.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Transition your production off of climate-killing gas and diesel generators by understanding your actual energy needs.


Our Services

Energy Budget Forecasting

Understand the actual daily power requirements of your production’s appliances and fixtures.

Sustainable Cinematography

Find low-consumption alternatives to power-hungry, conventional tungsten and HMI fixtures.

Carbon Emissions Assessment

Know exactly how much CO2 your production has avoided emitting by using alternatives to fossil fuel.